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Custom Weekly League Package

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This flexible package is designed for those who currently use our service for weekly league races. Perfect to bulk-purchase and book imagery at each event for the season.

Available to purchase from 1-13 weeks, and a custom amount of images between 15-50 for each week.

League owners may use this to provide images of all drivers at their events, or teams may use this to capture images of their drivers during weekly events. 

NOTE: Purchase multiple quantities of this package depending on how many weeks of photos you would like.

(For example 5x Weekly League Packages = 5 weeks of event photos). 

Along with all our packages, the images will be produced in high resolution with realistic editing. We also use Trading Paints to download all driver paints. View our portfolio to see some examples here.


Our league package customers will be provided with their own google drive folder via email once purchased, where they can drag and drop their replays each week. Once the replay is uploaded, we will email the completed images to the email used to purchase the package.

If you would like to upload your replay right now, you may do so with the below method, and we will provide you with a custom drive for your next replay. 

Use the button below to submit your iRacing replay file to our Google form, this will drop the replay directly in our Google Drive our instant access.

From here, we download and run your replay to capture the images. 

Upload your Replay Here: UPLOAD

(You require a Google account to attach your replay to the Google form)